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Privacy Is Paramount

n-gage is the only app to give you privacy options that you want & can really use!

Over 100 ways to chat & have fun

Personalise everything with Audio, text & even your own drawings

Charitable & Benevolent

We support sick, disabled and underprivileged people around the world

iPhone and Android versions

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No other app does what we do

Chat Freely

Anyway you want to…


Chat directly and securely with all your friends and family in one place

n-gage messenger 1-to-1 chat

Organised Group Chats

Frustrated with constant Group messages? Find it difficult to follow the conversation? Now you can organise your group chats according to different topics.

Broadcast to up to 500 people

A special announcement or simply Happy New Year... n-gage is all you need

broadcast with n-gage messenger
n-gage messenger blink

Blink Chat

Every Blink message sent disappears at the receivers end according to whatever schedule you set.

Video Messages

Send video messages to your friends and family for Free!

n-gage messenger Video Message
n-gage messenger schedule chats

Schedule Messages

Don't forget important occasions by scheduling messages to send at a time and date you choose

Safe Chat

Worried who is reading your messages at the other end? Send Safe Chat's so they have to be unlocked with a PIN

n-gage messenger safe chat
n-gage voice messages

Voice Messages

quickly send somebody a voice message if you are not able to text.

n-gage messenger translate messages

Message Translation

Instantly translate incoming and outgoing messages to over 45 global languages!

Privacy is Paramount

Tailor the level of privacy that you want
n-gage messenger blocked friends

Block Users

n-gage messenger Stealth mode

Stealth Yourself

n-gage messenger extract-messages

Extract Messages

n-gage messenger disable-screenshot

Stop people taking screenshots

n-gage messenger scramble-messages

Scramble Messages

n-gage messenger block copy forward

Stop Copy / Forward of Messages

n-gage messenger auto burn

Auto Burn Messages

n-gage messenger stop chat theme changes

Stop others from changing your chat theme

n-gage messenger end-to-end-encryption

End To End Encryption

n-gage messenger Private-Area

Private Area

n-gage Messenger Private-Gallery

Private Gallery

n-gage messenger restrict what people can see

Restrict What People Can See

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it's n-gage, but in your browser!

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Latest News

from n-gage
n-gage messenger group video call

Integrated Group Video Chat Across All Social Platforms

n-gage allows live video calls with up to 10 people anytime, anywhere

n-gage messenger too many apps

Finally An End To Multiple Apps To Stay Connected

Are you forever downloading yet another messenger app to an expanding collection on your phone? If yes, then you are not alone.

n-gage review

“With the help of n-gage, app users will be able to share content instantly with their friends and family.”

stuff review of n-gage messenger

“With more and more features being constantly added, this just might well be on it’s way to be the only app you’ll need for staying in touch.”

n-gage messenger zee-news

“It is the most advanced and latest messaging app which comes with a breakthrough innovation.”

n-gage messenger Free Press

“With features like ‘Schedule’, users will never miss out on an occasion or event.”

n-gage messenger review nttelecom

“language is not a constraint as n-gage enables users to communicate in over 45 languages with a ‘Translate’ feature.”

n-gage review gizmodo

“what’s interesting is that this app also allows users to send encrypted messages to others, delete messages after they are sent and doesn’t allow others from taking snapshots of conversations.”

Our Dream Team

The key associates behind n-gage

Himanshu Modi

Head Of Technologyn-gage messenger Himanshu Modi

Vijay Dalwani

Head Of MarketingN-Gage Messenger Vijay Dalwani

Ravi Tapu

Head Of Projectsn-gage messenger ravi tapu
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