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Forget WhatsApp: You need personal privacy from an app you’ve probably never heard of

What Makes A Secure Messaging App? We believe that security is not just about encryption but about personal privacy.  The following list details the considerations people should have when using a messaging app: Are your messages encrypted at all stages of the communication including while static on your device? Is the encryption end-to-end so the…

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n-gage Messenger App Assures Privacy And Security To Users

The new app features ensure the confidentiality and security of messages and multimedia content exchanged by users.

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n-gage App Review – An App with Privacy and Fun Features

I came across this interesting app called n-gage which has many features which can be used to make your chatting experience safe. The best feature, which I do not think any other app in the recent times provide is Extract, which allows user to retrieve a particular message or entire chat from the other persons mobile

n-gage messenger - Cyber Stalking, Privacy

Avoid cyber stalking nightmares with Lifestyle Messenger app, n-gage

Perhaps Kristen could have avoided this nightmare if she’d have been using Lifestyle Messenger App, n-gage.

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n-gage Review: Love privacy? Engage with ‘n-gage’

Today the entire world is so obsessed with social media that they will post anything and everything in the public domain which may be misused by someone, somewhere in some or the other form. In the virtual world today when everybody is constantly on the move and hooked on to their mobiles, there is a…

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